Why Iranian Negin is Best Among Other Types of Saffron?

We all have heard of Saffron, the most expansive spice that brings a magical golden-yellow color to any food. The best quality saffron comes from various regions of the world where it is naturally grown. For this reason, Iranian, Persian, and Spanish Saffron always stands on the acme of leading and highly recommended regions.

On the other hand, when you spend heaps of money for only a gram or two of Saffron, then make sure it’s worth buying from the right source or reliable manufacturer/supplier.

So, today’s comprehensive post is based on factors elevating the quality of Saffron, valuable ways to detect the original Saffron and other significant aspects. They’re must learn regarding purchasing and its demand, as only then we’ll realize the value of this precious cooking ingredient.

What Factors Are Responsible for Elevating Quality of Saffron?

It’s doesn’t quickly become a part of shelves in luxury supermarkets; it undergoes many stages before it! From cultivation to storing dried Saffron, how manufacturers make it reach us eventually decides the quality of Saffron.

Thus, a test is a must to check and spot the authenticity of Saffron to make sure is it original or not. The reason why this concern caught our attention is that all brands of Saffron aren’t created equally. It’s not necessary that every brand supply equal quality of Saffron. Many brands in the market often provide fake Saffron.

How to check when you’ve already purchased it? Following are tips to detect the original Saffron.

Smell it Original Saffron can be easily recognized with its unique and pleasant smell with sweet notes, whereas fake Saffron doesn’t have any individual smell. It smells more like musky and floral.

Taste it Though it has an aromatic spice, but no distinct taste. It is somewhat floral, sweet, and bitter in the meantime. If your Saffron tastes excessively sweet or metallic, then it’s either too low quality or fake.

Test it with water Put few threads of Saffron in water. If they quickly release color, it’s fake or low-quality Saffron with artificial red coloring. Whereas genuine Saffron slowly releases, yet threads don’t lose the brightness of color

There is another method of testing saffron using saffron twigs. This is the quickest and simplest way because saffron twigs have three branches; the upper part is like a clarion, which becomes narrower as it gets lower. But if you have Saffron in powder shape, then it can only be detected via laboratory devices.


When looking for higher-quality Saffron, then Iranian Negin stands as the most valuable. It is longer and thicker than regular Saffron. The Negin saffron has all the stigma without style – the yellow part.

The price of Negin saffron depends on its grade and quality. For instance, there’s super Negin AAA grade, then Super Negin A grade. This Saffron provides incredible benefits for health, including;

  • It helps improving mood
  • Contains Cancer Prevention properties
  • It is Anti-Depressant
  • Best cure for Neurological Problems
  • It has Anti-Oxidant properties
  • Helps in Weight Loss / Controls Appetite
  • Helps in Digestion
  • Improves Eye Vision
  • Control Heart Rate

Iranian Saffron is usually considered as the framework of the world’s Saffron. Around 90% of Saffron consumed and supplied around the world is made in Iran. Even many Saffron distributed with a label of other countries is from Iran, this can be another possible reason for the high demand of Iranian Negin Saffron suppliers.

Nevertheless, Saffron in Iran returns 3000 years and still has its force. Saffron is known as the red gold of the desert because its starting point is Iran’s deserts.

In reality, despite the number of acknowledging the word Saffron begins from the Arabic name, Iran is the start of its name, and most Arabic sources reference Iranian specialists.


Among plenty of types and degrees in saffron quality, the accurate one might be challenging to weigh. But based on parts of the saffron flower, it can be divided into three groups.

  • Flower head saffron – It’s all fine and red. The strings are broken as this is the sorted type of Straw saffron.
  • Straw saffron – A form of a string with a bit of white or yellow color by the end of the string.
  • Jeweled Saffron – This part is bold and red; all of its strings are normal with the least breakage.

Facts About keeping & Buying Saffron

Saffron has excellent value and power, so it is not bad to know some facts about it.

Do not buy Saffron in high quantity for temporary use as its flavor often gets weak over time, so always buy when you need consistent help. Bundles as much as 5 grams can be a respectable sum for ordinary families.

Always store Saffron in glass metal containers as plastic containers often affect the taste and smell of Saffron, and absorb them.

Crush Saffron only when you want to use it for a short time because of the process of reducing odor and taste increases in crushed Saffron.

5 Best Saffron Brands

Zaran Saffron: Super Negin

If you’ve ever learned or looked at Saffron very closely, then you might have noticed that Zaran Saffron is the highly recognized and valuable type. More than 90 percent of Saffron comes from Iran, but Persian Negin grade saffron is known for the best quality one can ever buy.

Iran is the leading manufacturing region of Saffron that produces top-quality Saffron with the highest levels of three saffron quality indicators – safranal, crocin, and picrocrocin.  This super Negin saffron is 100% pure and adds a well-required aroma and color to any dish one needs to use, from classic Persian rice to Spanish paella and Italian risotto.

Golden Saffron

This one is the best saffron brand one can buy from pure Persian Saffron. Saffron in Iran returns 3000 years and still has its force. Saffron is known as the red gold of the desert because its starting point is Iran’s deserts.

Fire Red Saffron

If you further need superior quality saffron, go for Fire Red Saffron, representing a super grade of Negin saffron with brilliant quality.

This Afghani Saffron gets the most noteworthy Grade A+ rating. This suggests that it is excellent quality saffron and a fundamental kind as a massive load of work goes into making this kind of Saffron.

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