Top Women Hygiene Products by Sofy You Must Try

Top Women Hygiene Products

If you are not happy with the performance of your regular women hygiene products, then it is surely time for you to switch to a better brand. Today, Sofy has to be one of the best brands to cater to some of the best period day and non-period day products like sanitary pads, tampons and panty liners.

Menstrual hygiene is one of the most important aspects of a woman’s health which should be given the best care and attention. Not only menstrual bleeding but it also comes with premenstrual symptoms such as soreness in different parts of the body, stomach cramps, extreme fatigue, mild nausea and so on. All these together make the entire experience much more difficult every month. While nothing can be done about these apart from some temporary home remedies, you can still combat some annoying ordeals such as staining, leakage and bacterial infection on your own. Using some good quality women hygiene products is the best and the most easy way of maintaining menstrual hygiene. These products help you stay dry, comfortable and fresh all through the day if you have picked some best quality ones.

When it comes to good quality menstrual products, the market today has a plethora of different brands with numerous variants of menstrual products. If you are wondering which is the best among all, Sofy is always the answer. With the introduction of Sofy menstrual products in the market such as sanitary napkins and tampons, a majority of women have switched their regular products with Sofy. It promises good quality, comfort and a long lasting freshness with all its products. What’s more? Not only period day products but Sofy also caters to products such as panty liners which are used to keep you safe during your non-period days as well. Therefore, you can consider Sofy as your one stop solution for all your period problems.


Here are the top products by Sofy you must try –

Antibacterial pads

This is one of the best products introduced by Sofy. Many women are prone to catching bacterial infection during periods which is the result of different reasons. Therefore, Sofy has come up with these unique antibacterial sanitary pads. These napkins are manufactured with a unique green sheet on top which is made with natural ingredients and can give 99.9% protection from bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans. Besides, these extra large sanitary napkins can also give a very long lasting hygiene. Therefore, if you go to work, college or school, you can totally count on these napkins as they will soak up the menstrual blood for quite some time. But, to ensure that you stay fresh all day, you must keep changing into fresh napkins every three to four hours or less depending on your flow.


Bodyfit overnight napkin

Sleepless nights during periods is a common occurrence in so many women. This could be the result of reasons such as heavy flow, thin napkins etc. which makes women dread that they will end up staining their clothes and bed. Therefore, they try staying put all through the night which results in complete sleep deprivation. But, with Sofy bodyfit sanitary pads night, you will surely have a peaceful sleep every night. These napkins are created with features in them such as a wider hip guard which covers your panty entirely from the back and ensures that the blood falls right on top of the napkin and not anywhere else. It also has a flexi absorb system that makes the napkin move with your body so that you can easily toss and turn in your sleep without the napkin moving sideways. These xl sanitary pads also come with a deep absorbent sheet which fits your body perfectly and continues to soak up from night till morning. Not only at night, but you can totally count on these pads in the daytime as well when you have a heavy flow. You can also pick ultra thin sanitary napkin for the day.


Menstrual Tampons

Tampons are another method of sanitation during periods. Sofy has introduced two variants of tampons: Regular and Super. As the name suggests, the regular tampons are to be used when you have a light flow and the super tampons to be used when you have a heavy flow. These tampons also come with a special easy to use applicator which makes the entire process of insertion much more easier and hygienic. These tampons for heavy periods are also equipped with many other qualities in them which make the usage very comfortable for you both at night and day.


Panty Liners

Maintaining hygiene during non-period days is as important as period days, therefore Sofy has come up with panty liner pads. Panty liners are to be used only during your non-period days for soaking up the vaginal discharge. These panty liners come in two different variants: Panty liner Daily Fresh and Panty liner Antibacteria. You can pick the antibacterial variant if you are prone to catching rashes or infections easily, otherwise use the daily fresh ones.

Established in the early 60s, Sofy has spread across a lot of countries and has been active in the feminine hygiene industry ever since. With the aim of providing the best comfort to women during periods and eliminating all their period problems Sofy has successfully carved a niche in the menstrual hygiene industry and has become one of the most reached out brands by women today. Be it period day products such as the Sofy sanitary pads, tampons etc. or the advanced technology products for non-period days such as pantyliners, Sofy always sells the top quality feminine hygiene products for women all around the world. Sofy promises hygiene, good health, safety and worry free chums every month.

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