Providing valid insurance coverage in case of unforeseen events during your trip is a minimum requirement in order to be able to relax during your trip. Most of the stipulations proposed by travel insurance companies offer you coverage while you are traveling, until you reach your final destination and some even offer the possibility of extending the duration for a few more days after your arrival at your destination.

Policies may vary based on what they cover, but in general there is a rule, they include repatriation, various travel cancellations and interruptions, lost delays and connections, lost, stolen or damaged luggage, medical assistance, evacuations of emergency, car rental coverage, plane crashes and assistance services.

There are also options to choose from and which cover particular aspects, which are not included in a normal plan, such as in case of accidents during particular activities, loss of sports equipment, risk of stolen identity, lost or stolen passport, financial default ( such as if the airline of your choice went into bankruptcy shortly before your departure) and so on.

Before purchasing your policy, however, decide exactly what type of coverage you will need and which one fits your needs best. You can take advantage of the engines for comparisons between the various insurances that you find online or contact a specialized travel insurer directly. In this way you will have time to evaluate all the plans and above all to establish which of them could perfectly meet your needs.


Determine the type of coverage you need. Make a list of what’s most important to you. It could include the cancellation of the reservation for health reasons, the loss of luggage, the possibility of missing a flight, getting sick during the trip and the consequent need to be assisted by a doctor, and so on.
Calculate the total cost of your trip. For flight cancellation coverage, you will need to insure the full cost of prepaid, non-refundable payments.

Compare companies based on the criteria you have selected – do not choose your policy simply based on the lowest price. Each company and each policy will have different limitations, so make sure you are completely satisfied with the value for money. For Free Consultation Contact here

Always check the contract thoroughly, don’t forget the fine print. The most important sections are the benefits and exclusions. The benefits section describes the various situations for which you will be covered and supported, so make sure you read everything accurately. The exclusions section clearly specifies the situations in which you will not be able to benefit from the benefits – read this part even more carefully, or you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

Take care of your policy and documents:


Make at least three copies of the confirmation email and travel program documents. Put one copy in your hand luggage or on your smartphone or laptop, put another in your hold luggage and leave one at home, with a friend or relative.

If you will be traveling with digital copies, remember the password to protect your electronic devices, including devices such as your laptop, in case they are stolen.

Also keep a copy of your passport and driving license with you for safety (one in your hold luggage, and one in your wallet). In the event that the originals are stolen or lost, it will certainly be much easier to obtain a copy of the original documents from the competent authorities.


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