More of Rama vs Akbar-Birbal, fight for water supply in Vijayanagar in Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama

Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama has never failed to entertain the viewers through its characters and enlightening stories. Back in Vijayanagar after more than 20 years, Rama (Krishna Bharadwaj) is up against Birbal (Amit Mistry) and his intelligence.

Not able to digest the fact that he lost Sarvottam Rajya Pratiyogita to Vijayanagar, Akbar closed the dams stopping water from flowing to the southern states, creating water scarcity in Vijayanagar. Due to the drying river, Rama tries to use his wit and intellect to fool Akbar and Birbal. He starts spreading the news of discovering a hidden treasure on the river bed, which actually are Rani Sulakshana Devi’s (Neetha Shetty) diamonds, though Birbal is still not convinced. In an attempt to find the truth behind this story, Akbar and Birbal enter Vijayanagar disguised as businessmen and try getting Tathacharya (Pankaj Berry) to reveal the truth. As they fail in this attempt, they have a bigger plan of trapping Rama in his own story. They send a man who claims that the river Krishna is his lawful property and everything that lies in the riverbed is his property too, including the diamonds.

How will Rama convince Akbar and Birbal to resume the water flow to Vijayanagar? Will he lose Rani Sulakshana’s diamonds in the process?

Krishna Bharadwaj, playing the role of Rama said, “Vijayanagar is facing water scarcity and Rama is trying everything he can to bring water supply back in Vijayanagar. While he managed to fool Akbar with his story of hidden treasure, the biggest challenge for him is convincing Birbal. In this process, he is now worried that he might lose Rani Sulakshana’s diamonds. Upcoming episodes will bring surprises for the viewers and will surely leave them entertained.”

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