Major Role of FTWZs when Exporting Goods to India

The Importance of Free Trade Warehousing Zones –

Undoubtedly, Free Trade Warehousing Zones have been a phenomenal success across the world. Their sheer size, International Infrastructure, and different facilities have become a major contributor to the nation’s economy and trade regions by becoming major logistic hubs. When it comes to India, FTWZs have conceptualized and implemented to ease the process of import and export of goods.  If you are finding the Best way to Export to India, then a reliable and professional FTWZ can assist you. 

As we know that FTWZs possess various impressive features to accommodate both the domestic and foreign suppliers. The opportunities that you can gain from these FTWZs are ranging from speedy delivery of cargo, Ease in Customs clearance process to integrated solutions, such as packing management, sorting, strapping and kitting, duty & taxation benefits, labeling, so on and so forth. It is usually a special category of Special Economic Zone.

The key objective of FTWZs is to accommodate the domestic and foreign suppliers with the world-class trade-related infrastructure as well as make the import and export of goods and services easier in freely convertible foreign currency. 

At the same time, FTZs are perfectly apt for larger manufacturing units that have better domestic and export market potential for their sales. They not only store the goods in the warehouses duty-free but sell it to the customer’s world-wide as and when possible. They are that’s why strategically located around the main seaports, international airports, and dry port areas to reduce the transportation time to least. 

FTWZs key features-

There are different sorts of product exported to India from foreign MNCs, including modern technology equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, transportation, handling amenities, and many more. In this period of globalization, importing and exporting goods is a common process to increase the economy and FTWZs plays a vital role in it that facilitates storage facility of various products.

When you are looking at Export Goods to India, these well-maintained and international free trade warehousing zones can help you in storing the products and also provide value-added activities. Also, you can gain some additional conveniences, including advanced international infrastructure, the latest WMS, so on and so forth.

They are especially located near major port areas to give easy access by rail and road. You can able to import, export, and re-exports with less or no dependency. 

Do not bother about the storage facility as these FTWZs offer 3 years of initial tenure of goods with Zero Duty and Tax Implications. As a result, you can gain Zero Duty, reduce the Cash Flows, and reduce the transit time for shipping.

Moreover, it can be stated that hiring a professional and responsible FTWZ is the Best way to Export to India sans hassle. And FTWZs are specially intended to promote international and foreign trade in and with India. So, you can concentrate completely on selling and growing your business in India. You can obtain the best logistics and supply chain management services at the best pricing range. However, you need to engage the best source in this process that can meet your needs and specifications. 

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