The KPLG Method or How to Make Money Online Fast.

I recently discovered a recipe that allows anyone to make money online from the launching day. 

What’s even more interesting is that this recipe is very easy to replicate and does not require extensive computer knowledge. 

I called this recipe “The KPLG Method”. And it’s simply the 4 key steps you need to follow to make your first dollar. 

It all started with a phone call. A friend told me about a new trend. He noticed that a lot of people are switching to IT as it is one of the fields that did not experience unemployment during the pandemic. On the contrary, due to the great demand for e-commerce and online services, the web/mobile development sector has experienced remarkable growth. 

This call prompted me to start a four-step adventure. Here it is in detail.

1-Keyword: Find a searchable and profitable keyword

I used Ubersuggest, which is the equivalent of Google keyword planner and I checked that in my country (Tunisia), 320 people per month type the keyword “Formation Informatique” on Google, which means “computer training” in french

 The second interesting detail is that the competition is very low for this keyword. In other words, if I launch a Google Ad, it will not cost me so much. So I thought that if I create a site that perfectly matches this keyword, then I launch a well-optimized Google Ad, I will get an autonomous cash cow. 

So, in the keyword step, you just need to find a keyword that is searched enough to be profitable. In other words, there is a real need in the market you are targeting. But, on the other hand, the competition should be low. As a result, the advertising expenses are accessible and controllable. 

In my case, the keyword I chose is “Formation Informatique ”. And the market I will target is Tunisia. 

Call to Action:

Find a keyword that:

-represents a real need in your target territory;

-is searched enough on Google to be profitable;

-has a low competition, otherwise a CPC (cost per click) that is not high; 


2-Product: Create a product that perfectly matches the chosen keyword 

There are plenty of computer training courses in Tunisia. Many of them offer nowadays six months bootcamps, mainly focused on the web/mobile development field. So, I have to differentiate myself from these competitors to have a market share. So I changed three variables:

-The value proposition: I contacted highly qualified trainers with long experience as developers. They agreed to provide quality online training and 24/7 support for students. Besides the quality of training, I offered a bonus: assisting the students at the end of the training in improving their CVs and creating an optimized Fiverr/Upwork account to get clients quickly. 

-Price: I lowered the price of the training compared to the big competitors to be more attractive. 

-Time: The training is more accelerated compared to the competitors. In only one month, the student will have the essentials to start as a web developer. 

So, there you have it, in this step, you need to create a product that perfectly meets the underlying need of the chosen keyword. This product should be affordable. With a low cost, you need to launch something that has a tangible differentiation from the already existing competitors.

 Call to Action

Create a product that:

-meets the underlying need of the chosen keyword;

-has a competitive advantage (better price, a bonus….)  

-requires a low cost to be launched;

3-Landing Page: Create a site that converts 100% of visitors 

Today, with no-code platforms like Wix and Shopify, you can create a site in 24 hours. But the real challenge here is to create a landing page that can convince the visitor to perform an action on the site. That’s what we call conversion. 

So I created and optimized this page scientifically so that the visitor leaves his contact information. How did I do it? This is simply based on three key principles:

-Ask the visitor to do an easy action (Call To Action)

In my case, the action is to fill out a very simple form (Name, Email, Phone) so that we can contact the lead afterward to explain the details of the training. It could be a purchase action or a subscription to a newsletter. The key thing to remember is that the clearer and easier the requested action, the higher the conversion;

-Talk to the visitor: 

Do not praise your product. Instead, show the visitor the benefits of buying your product. The positive change that the purchase will cause in his life. The shift from B(Before) to A(After). Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and write clear, short, and relevant messages that perfectly meet their needs. 

-Include social proof

We imitate others and pay a lot of attention to their recommendations. For this reason, I have included some reviews from students who have taken the training given by the trainers I will suggest. 

These 3 principles, when well implemented, will ensure a very interesting conversion rate. And this was indeed the case for 

Call to Action

Create a landing page that includes:

-A clear and easy call to action;

-Clear and concise messages that show the visitor the benefits of consuming your product;

-Social proof through reviews from other customers;


4-Google Ads: Run a smart ad on Google Ads

First, let’s start with a fact that many, even those who call themselves digital marketing experts, don’t know. Indeed, advertising on Google is the most effective way to get customers, compared to other types of ads. Why is this? Because simply the customer sees the advertisement of your product at the exact moment he is looking for it. No other means can give this performance. 

Another important detail. With Google Ads, you only pay when the customer clicks on your ad and you can have full control over your advertising budget. 

But, when you use the dashboard of Google ads, you will easily get lost between the different parameters to adjust to optimize your ad. Realizing this difficulty, Google has solved the problem and provided a simpler and more effective way to start especially when you are a beginner. This is what Google calls smart ads. 

Thanks to machine learning, Google optimizes your budget to give you the maximum clicks on the ad. For this, you just need to provide a title, a text, the final URL, an extension, the targeted regions, and of course the keywords you are targeting. And then it’s up to Google to play the game.

I ran a smart ad for In 24 hours, I had 10 conversions (10 interested customers) spending only 10 dollars. It was very fast and effective. On the day I launched the site, I already started collecting payments for the training I offer. There is just one principle to follow here.  And that is to leave ⅕ of the earnings generated during one month for the next month’s Google ads. 

This is basically the KPLG method, which allowed me to create a very profitable business in one week. I have shared my experience with you in order to inspire you and I hope I have succeeded in doing so. 

Apart from training, there are many products that are not too expensive that you can offer using the same process. You can, for example, sell a small guide for 5 euros that explains the procedure of immigration to Canada for a French person, as well as the cost of living and essential life hacks. In fact, 12000 French people type the word “immigration Canada” every month.

Be creative and you will surely find an easy and profitable online business that you can implement by following the KPLG method.

Until the idea comes to your mind, I wish you good luck and invite you to share this recipe with your friends.

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