How To Get It by Giving It Good – A Guide For Men


You guys can all agree that some dirty talking from your lady can get you moving. What is the best way to get her to join the fun? How do you get her to start the conversation? You can start the conversation to get her talking about your dirty secrets. Start the conversation and invite her to join you. Dirty talk should be mutual, just like oral sex. You will get it back if you give it your best.

These are some pointers that will help you get started.

Start outside the bedroom. You want to get her excited and have the anticipation building long before you even hit the sheets. You can tell her how sexy you are, what naughty things you would do to her, and how great you feel. Please be specific. I love that dress. dirty questions to ask boyfriend It’s so beautiful on you that it drives me insane. I want to go home with you and do naughty stuff to you. Do not be too dramatic at this stage – that’s for later. Let her know how passionate you are about her, what you love about her, and how much you think about her. Remind her that she’s the object of all your desires. That’s what we want!

Remember that men are more attracted to explicit and graphic language than women. At this stage, keep it soft. Teach her. Start her engine early and take her home to fulfill your promises. You can get her to rev up quickly enough so she is ready for you when you bring her home.

Whisper in her ears. Keep it secret. It should be kept secret. This is particularly important if you’re starting in public. Tell her that dessert is not necessary if you are at dinner. freaky questions to ask your boyfriend You can whisper to your boss all the fun things you could do at work if you are at a boring party. Work on your voice. You can use a lower pitch voice to communicate with your audience.

A low growl is very attractive to us. Keep it low and calm.

Ask her what she would like. Asking a question is a powerful way to get her attention. You will need to encourage her to answer your questions. Encourage her to speak up when she does. Ask her how touching her feels, what she wants from you, and what position you want to be in. It’s so sexy to listen to her say what she wants. “Mmmmm, it’s so much fun to hear you tell me what I should do. It is so motivating to hear your advice. It’s easy to feel embarrassed when we talk dirty. If it works, we’ll feel more comfortable being explicit.

Listen to her responses to the questions that you ask. How does she react to you stroking her back while whispering that you want her to be licking every inch? Is she stiffened and tense? Is she able to relax and inhale harder? Ask her about her favorite things and then ask her what you should do for her. Follow her instructions.

Describe what is happening in your bedroom once you are done. How does it feel and what is she doing? Be specific. “Your body is so sensual, I love how you make me feel. Your gasping breath and moans turn me on. Women want to feel loved and wooed. Stroke our egos. As the heat builds, you can go more graphic. Your pussy is so comfortable around my cock. I love how you get so wet. It’s so much fun to have you fuck me. Your fucking makes my cock so hard.” You can tell a story and then direct the action using your voice. dirty questions to ask your crush You can tell her what you want and how it feels. I love riding you. You should be on top of me. It makes it so sumptuous.”

At this point she should follow your example. Give her positive feedback if she is self-conscious. This will help her see that what she’s doing is effective. You may find her clammy before she is able to enjoy your labor.

Finally, practice makes perfect. Although you may feel awkward at first, it is worth practicing your voice and your words and perfecting your phrasing. You can record your speech and play it back with a smartphone or video camera. This can help you fine tune your thoughts. It is important to know your partner. You may find that having a dialogue in the bedroom can lead to great times elsewhere. Be respectful, safe, and have fun.

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