How to Choose a Correct Paralegal near You

A paralegal can assist you in navigating specific legal issues such as a small claims court, WSIB claim, human rights, a traffic ticket in municipal court, and many more. There are a lot of choices for paralegal services in Sudbury, Ontario, but how can you make the perfect choice with confidence?


A legal advisor can help you in all the legal matters, but a paralegal near you can only help with certain specific legal services. A paralegal can represent you in small claims court, traffic court for charges under the Highway Traffic Act, the municipal court for some issues, tribunals, and summary conviction offenses. Depending upon what kind of legal problem you have, hiring a paralegal near you can cost less than a legal advisor. But a paralegal has a restricted area of operation.


Getting a free consultation to review your issue is the perfect way to ascertain whether a paralegal can be a legal assistant to you or not. Initially, selecting a paralegal in Sudbury, Ontario, can be quite tricky. But having effective communication with the professional may help you gauge what you are looking for. With a consultation, you will know about the process and the possible outcome of the case. An experienced paralegal will offer a sound solution based on the merits and demerits of the case. Therefore, trusting your judgment based on the interaction and a degree of comfort with a paralegal professional is your best bet.


Make sure that the paralegal near you is qualified and licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Every paralegal in Ontario must have completed an approved Ontario Paralegal Services program and completed the Law Society’s Paralegal Licensing Process, including Licensing Examination.

Allied Paralegal Services specialize in traffic offenses, WSIB claims, landlord and tenant court, human rights, and municipal by-laws in municipal court.

Source: How to Choose a Correct Paralegal near You

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