Hiring the Best Free Trade Warehousing in India is a Game Changing Decision for your businesses Supply Chain

When we talk about Free Trade Warehousing in India, it has emerged as a game-changer for domestic as well as for foreign MNCs. It offers effective strategic management and logistics platforms to perform the import and export process efficiently without any Supply Chain hassle.

FTWZ in India is specially intended for doing business easily and generating investment. They are considered as special economic zones and foreign territory with regards to compliance and currency. These global trading hubs are specially designed to modernize the entire infrastructure of logistics and speed up international trade. 

How Free Trade Warehousing in India useful for international trade?

FTWZ in India is controlled by the Special Economic Zones Act (2005) and Rules (2006) as well as the Ministry of Commerce and Industries. There are various facilities it offers to the users.

It allows the companies to take advantages of Warehousing, Trading, and different related activities. When you import cargo from foreign countries into Domestic Tariff Areas, FTWZs promote phased clearance. 

On the flip side, when the goods move from these Domestic Tariff Areas to FTWZs, it is considered as exports and enjoys all adding benefits. 

These FTWZs are strategically situated in proximity to transportation hubs for easy access. Most importantly, they offer highly advanced warehousing and trading facilities to all their customers. It includes advanced Customs Clearance, Innovative Technology, International Infrastructure, Internal container depots & yards, commercial complexes, and added value services.

There are many reputed 3PL services you can get in touch with us online. They provide all the conveniences as per their client’s demand and budget. Companies can operate their business through these FTWZs as a trading unit or as a service unit. 

What kind of activities are performed in Free Trade Warehousing in India-

There are several sorts of activities are carried out in FTWZ in India those are explained below-

  • Packaging and repacking and labeling 

  • Kitting and palletization

  • Re-export, resale, re-invoicing of goods.

  • Warehouse storage of goods 

  • Value add services or optimizing activities on goods

  • Assembly to non-duty paid goods

Moreover, we can state that FTWZs accommodate you with unmatched conveniences to domestic as well as foreign MNCs. It not only reduces your stress from customs and excise formalities but exempts income tax and demurrage costs. Rest assured that you would receive a smart logistic and supply chain management solution with value-added services. 

Additional advantages of Free Trade Warehousing in India-

  1. Secured – We must say that it is the most advanced and smart logistic solution for some of the world’s biggest corporations to operate the complex global supply chains problems to efficient solutions.

  2. On-time delivery – No matter it is a development in warehousing or a simple extension to fast transportation, they have got you covered. 

  3. 24/7 support – You will receive the best team of exceptional support ready to apply their passion for solutions in support of your business. 

All you just need to find the best FTWZ provider. For the best deal, you can visit www.onnsynex.com.

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