Factory Evaluation in China- How It helps Businesses

What is the factory audit or evaluation process?

When we talk about Factory evaluation in China, it is the way that ensures quality and minimizes risks, and improves supply chain performance. It is also known as a factory audit that is specially intended to assess potential new suppliers and suppliers in China. 

The China factory audit is performed to meet customers’ demands in terms of quantity, quality goals, and deadlines. It is an on-site evaluation process that verifies whether a manufacturer is capable enough to meet your requirements. Hence, it is focused on one specific product (category).

What is the role of a factory auditor? 

When you hire an auditor to check your manufacturing factory in china, they will focus on evaluating the manufacturer’s capability to make your order. He will visit the manufacturer’s factory and then will collect information about the factory and work through a checklist of products.

The checklist of products will be performed on the basis of international standards and as per your requirements. At last, they will provide you with a complete report comprised of findings of the factory audit. 

Mostly the reliable Factory evaluation in China will evaluate the policies, processes, and records that would clarify the precise knack of the factory to convey reliable quality management over time. 

Do not skip this process as it is the most vital one to be carried out, especially when you are dealing with a new manufacturer and supplier in China. It will help you to make certain everything is fine. 

3 steps of factory audit in china-

  • Is the so-called factory there
  • If the factory reliable to do business with
  • Do they have a minimum quality assurance plan and how


Is it important to carry out the Factory Audit?

It simply defines the quality and ability of the manufacturer. It benefits your business such as avoid scams, ensures quality, ensures your manufacturer’s credibility & competency, save you time and money, Protect your reputation, and high customer satisfaction. 

How can a factory audit help my business?

It helps you to evade a bad supplier to choose the best source. You can ensure that you are in a safe hand when it comes to ordering your assignments from China. It evaluates your supplier properly. 

At what stage should we book a factory audit?

Prior to place an order, you can hire an auditor to carry out a China factory audit.

How much does a factory audit cost?

It depends or varies with different auditors. However, it will cost you a minimum. And you should hire the best factory auditing team to get the best value for your money. 

Can we visit the factory ourselves?

Yes, you can! At some point, you should visit your manufacturer’s factory for assurance. However, remember, that it should be performed by a professional team in a precise manner. We can say that precise and strict factory audits are best left in the hands of professionals.

In a nutshell, a China factory audit is the most convenient way to stay stress-free. For the best deal, you can visit www.china-inspection-services.com.

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