More than 50 Tax Foreclosure Properties in Central New York’s Picturesque Madison County will be Sold Online Sep 13-16

Pleasant Valley, NY, USA, September 10, 2021 — More than 50 properties in Madison County, New York will be sold to the highest bidder in an online-only tax foreclosure real estate auction that opens on Monday, September 13th and ends on Thursday, September 16th. The properties include single-family and multi-family homes with land, vacant land and seasonal and commercial property. All of the properties are located in Madison County, which is situated in picturesque central New York state, between Syracuse and Albany. Absolute Auction & Realty, based in Pleasant Valley,…

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NAREDCO MAHI: New Chapter for women in Real Estate

Successful women inspire more successful women. “Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength”. There’s a double standard that exists between men and women in leadership roles, especially in real estate. In this industry, you have to be an aggressive deal maker and tough negotiator. These traits are not considered feminine. Men who play this kind of hardball are considered strong and effective while women who do the same thing immediately get slapped with the “B word.” The…

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Tips for Choosing the Best Luxury Apartments in Cape Town

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Cape Town

What is luxury? Does it mean high-end finishes? Does it include massive amounts of space? Or a stunning view? In today’s world it might also mean an element of being environmentally friendly. Does luxury also speak to access to a concierge or 24-hour security? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself when seeking luxury apartments for sale in Cape Town. It’s important to know exactly what your expectations are before you even begin to look – what is your idea of luxury – what does it mean…

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My Joyful Journey in Real Estate

My Realty journey is full of exuberance, thrill, and adventure. Join me in my levitating train, as we proudly celebrate India’s 75th Independence Day! Reminiscing about the day I stepped out of the Convocation at YWCA with my Gold medal in Marketing, Advertising, and PR, nostalgia envelopes me. As I walked towards Janpath and stopped at the traffic signal at NDMC HQ, I looked in awe at the bewitching piece of Realty coming up next to Jantar Mantar. Such a captivating, symmetrical and mesmerizing sight in the center of the…

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Rented Flat to Ready to move in: Here You Go!

Saadharan Kumar was your regular average guy. He had a regular family of wife & two kids and lived in a regular rented apartment. He goes to a regular 9 to 6 job and earns a salary of Rs.18 lakh per year. Like any other person, he also receives a House Rent Allowance at Rs.2,40,000 per annum. He also contributes to Employee Provident Scheme @ 12% of his salary. Thus far, he has saved Rs.10 lakh in his name and about Rs.6 lakh in his wife’s name that provides him…

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Future Growth of Flexible Office Market after COVID 19: Ken Research

Buy Now Flexible office space is generally referred as flex-space. It is a contemporary style of office, which is designed to provide a dynamic workspace for the businesses, offering both private work rooms and communal areas. Flexible office comes fully equipped with necessary office equipment including desks, computers, chairs, and internet and phone lines. Flexible offices provide an ideal solution for flexible working that aims to support the employee’s need, for instance working part or full-time from home. The flexible working model is extensively used by many businesses who work…

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What You Need to Know About Clogging in the Bathroom?


  What You Need to Know About Clogging in the Bathroom Everyone likes to keep their house clean and in order, don’t they?! However, small unforeseen events can happen. And it’s normal. One of the situations that causes the most concern, without a doubt, is the clogging in the bathroom, whether in the sinks, pipes, siphons or toilets. In addition to the bad smell, a blockage in the bathroom compromises the general hygiene of the environment and can leave the room unusable. Therefore, we have separated some tips that can…

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COVID Impact on Global Smart Cities Market Growth: Ken Research

Smart Cities Market

Buy Now Smart City is a well-connected city that utilizes diverse ICTs to access information with the public and develop both public and citizen welfare programs. During past years, this approach has been increasingly utilized to develop public safety from the tracking of high crime rates to improved preparedness for emergencies with sensors and much more. Intelligent living comprises advances that impact the lives of individuals and enable them to live in a dissimilar way. It comprises innovative solutions to develop efficiency, control, economy, productivity, integration, and sustainability. According to…

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