Vietnam Real Estate Market, Vietnam Real Estate Industry: Ken Research


Buy Now How is Vietnam’s Office Real Estate Market Positioned? Vietnam’s office market is a thriving real estate market, with both domestic and foreign brands offering office spaces in categories like Grade A, Grade B and Grace C. Boasting an average occupancy rate of ~%, Vietnams shows strong potential in terms of demand and increasing Rental Rates reflect that Landlords are also benefitting in the market. Vietnam’s GDP in 2018 amounted to USD ~ billion and GDP per capita amounted to USD ~, in 2018, indicating greater ability to own…

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Growing Scenario Of Motor Generators Global Market Outlook: Ken Research

Global Motors And Generators Market

Buy Now The motors and generators market effectively consists of sales of motors, generators, and linked services. The motor converts electrical energy into the mechanical energy and the generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. According to the report analysis, ‘Motors And Generators Global Market Report 2020’ states that in the motors and generator global market there are several corporates which presently functioning more actively for leading the handsome value of market share around the globe during the inflowing years while spreading the awareness related to such, delivering the better…

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Rise in Demand for Automation in Business Process Expected to drive Global Enterprise Workflow Automation Software Top Market: Ken Research

The workflow automation software market is a technology used for the business process is associated to automation & controlling. It is a primary component over the modern enterprise solutions providing the information technology infrastructure that assist in automating the execution of critical business and it’s processing. Moreover, the automation & efficient way of controlling the business process enterprises are further opting the significant technologies associated to artificial intelligence and machine learning etc. driving the growth of market over the upcoming years. Moreover, the enterprise workflow automation software also simplifies the…

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Growth in Industrialization Expected to Drive Global Above Ground Storage Tank Market: Ken Research

The storage tanks are the containers that are used for storing the hold cold or hot liquids and compressed gases over the long- or the short-term storage. The storage tanks (AST) are usually the large containers made of metal over the ground and are designed to temporarily hold different liquid or the gas substances. These substances may vary over the range from water to crude oil or over various chemical products. The over the ground storage tanks are used for storing materials such as petroleum, waste matter, water, chemicals, and…

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Rapid Growth in Industrialization & Construction Activities Expected to Drive Global Elevator Maintenance Market: Ken Research

Global Elevator Maintenance Market

Buy Now Elevators are important and inevitable part of everyday life of humans. It plays vital role in commercial & residential sector in order to offer flexible or comfortable travelling of person and things from one place to another. Therefore, damage or breakdown of elevator may become dangerous for people to travel on it along with brings discomfort to the users. Thus, elevator maintenance services are required to repair and modernize timely in different end-use verticals such as residential and commercial. Owing to its highly flexible & comfortable offering it…

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Landscape Of CNC Metal Cutting Machine Market Outlook: Ken Research

Global CNC Metal Cutting Machine Market

Buy Now The CNC metal cutting machine is a machining tool that functions on computer controlled manufacturing approach. It deploys machine shop tools utilizing the computer programming inputs. These machines progression a metal workpiece by following a coded programmed instruction and without a manual machinist to meet disclaimers. A CNC machine works conferring to specific input instructions, which are provided in the type of a sequential program of machine control instructions such as G-code. Some of the expedient features of CNC metal cutting machine involve the high accuracy, harmless to operate, less…

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Speedy Advancement in Landscape of Forklift Battery Market Outlook: Ken Research

Battery utilized in the forklift truck is ideally well-known as a forklift battery. It is known for two major functions-providing battery source to a forklift truck and delivering the mass to forklift as a counterweight that further aids in its lifting potential. Such batteries are self-possessed of a battery case, battery cells, battery bar, and battery cables; and are of two forms involving the Lead-Acid battery and a lithium-ion battery. Both forms of batteries have their system, setup, charging demands, and price range. According to the report analysis, ‘Forklift Battery…

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Increment In Trends Of Global Cable Drum Market Outlook: Ken Research

Global Cable Drum Market

The Cable drum is a spool designed object. It is also well-known as cable reels. These drums are utilized to store a broad range of cables and wires to carry them for onsite usage. In addition, most of such cable drums can be utilized multiple times, while some are for single usage only. These drums create it convenient to lay wires and cables without tangling. It saves the packaging prices of cables and wires and supports lowering transportation costs. According to the report analysis, ‘Cable Drum Market by Material (Wood, Plywood, Plastic,…

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