Get Best Tax Planning Solution with Multiple Benefits

Limited company contractors typically take a very minimum amount of salary or you can say minimizing PAYE and NIC liabilities where, you can withdraw the remainder of their income in the form of dividends and personal liability as a director will be limited, if things will go wrong. Benefits of a limited company: – In limited companies’ personal liability of directors is limited, that means director’s personal assets are different from the assets in the business. This is the main benefit of having limited company. In limited companies all things…

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Same Day Cash Loans Solutions to Your Financial Needs

When you apply for a loan and it takes time for sanction, there is no use of it, right? A personal loan is applied during an emergency and requires approval with immediate effect. These are instant loans also known as ‘Same Day Cash Loans’. The same day cash loan is an ideal solution to manage urgent financial needs. It can be related to your job, home, health, education, travel, etc. Any area can be benefitted from same day cash loans borrowed from a reliable financial institution or NBFC. Nowadays, instant…

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How to Develop a Multipurpose Packaging Solution?

The purpose of a packaging box is to deliver the product without any harm and damage to the customers. Over the period, it is been transformed into multipurpose. Now, the packaging is not only utilized for the delivery of items as it is also utilized to deliver the brand image to the customers. With that, it becomes the best available marketing tool to the brands to promote their products. Nowadays, the development of multipurpose packaging boxes becomes an easier task with the advancements in technology. Difficult shapes and styles of…

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Global Digital Mortgage Platform Market | Global Digital Mortgage Platform Industry: Ken Research


Buy Now A digital mortgage platform conveys services to handle the borrowing procedure. Digital Mortgage Platform focuses at simplifying, automating and standardizing the procedures of formation, underwriting, quality assurance, and consumer assistance. This allows borrowers to access augmented customer service, decreases the costs of origination, servicing, and enforcement, augment topline production, advance portfolio quality, and increase functional efficiencies. The digital mortgage platform has been begun to get rid of manual processes, eradicate the paper, diminish labor costs, and simply deliver the buyer what they want (a mortgage to buy a car) with…

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Global Digital Mortgage Platform Comprehensive Market Outlook: Ken Research

Digital Mortgage Platform Comprehensive market

Buy Now A digital mortgage platform offers services to handle the borrowing method. Digital Mortgage Platform purposes at simplifying, automating, and standardizing the progressions of formation, underwriting, quality assurance, and customer support. This allows borrowers to access enhanced customer service, reduce prices of origination, servicing, and enforcement, rising top-line production, enhance portfolio quality, and rise operational efficiencies. The digital mortgage platform has been in progress to get rid of manual processes, remove the paper, minimize labor prices and simply give the purchaser what they want (a mortgage to buy a…

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What Is a Payday Loan and How Does It Work?

Best payday loans

The short-term loans that are often utilized, in case you fall into a spot of bother, are referred to as “Payday Loans“. Usually, these small-dollar, high-cost loans bill triple-digit annual percentage rates (APRs), and deposits are typically due within two weeks or near the next payday.  If you’re not cautious, they can be hard to repay and could end up costing you even more than you expected. So, if you find yourself in a tight situation, ensure that you fully understand the pros and cons of these loans. The major…

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What Indonesia Online Aggregators can learn from Global Players: Ken Research

indonesia-online loan-insurance-market

A proportion of the population still relies on traditional sources of financing including banks, friends, relatives & other informal channels owing to reasons such as limited accessibility to banking services, lack of financial awareness, lack of collateral, etc. These reasons prompt individuals to look for alternative sources of financing options. With an internet penetration rate of ~40%, Indonesia lags behind by 2-3 years in digital adoption when compared to other emerging countries. The concept of online loan & insurance aggregation in Indonesia was introduced by CekAja in 2013 by providing…

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UAE Online Loan Aggregator Market Outlook: Ken Research

UAE Online Loan Aggregators Market

Buy Now Socio-Economic Outlook Of UAE With a population of 9.68 Mn as of 2019, ~70% of the borrowing population belongs to the age group of 30-50 years. A major proportion of the population resides in urban areas including Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah thereby driving the demand for financial products in the country. High Job opportunities attract the ex-pat population to the UAE. >80% population is dominated by Expats with major influx coming from Asian countries. The government of the UAE has been diversifying its revenue & decreasing its…

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