How easy is MBA

Welcome to EDUK8U Grad School Asia. We are an education and training provider with a speciality on HR, people management and leadership programmes. We aim to upskill our students with practical knowledge, sharing on the HOW and the art of delivery. What is easy MBA? Many potential students ask if an MBA is too difficult for an average student. this is right. but our Executive Master of Business Administration (eMBA) offer you Very Good Reasons to Do an MBA Degree. what can you do with an MBA? An MBA will…

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Who is and what does a musician do?


The Musician is a music professional. He performs songs using musical instruments, he can read and write music and has a solid culture in the musical field. It is a profession that has several facets: The composer creates musical pieces that can then be used for concerts or as a soundtrack for cinema or theater The performer carries out his activity as a soloist or together with bands or musical groups. If he plays a classical instrument he can also be part of an orchestra, or a band (it may…

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Gita Acharan-44

We all make several decisions for ourselves, our family and society based on a variety of factors. Krishna exhorts us to take this decision making to the next level when he says (2.50) ‘ Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam’ (every action/deed is harmonious in yoga -of equanimity). It’s about dropping kartapan (doership) and ahankaar to experience the harmony that flows out, like the beauty and fragrance of a flower. As the karta , all our decisions are directed towards attaining pleasure and avoiding pain for ourselves and our families. The next level…

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Ielts Exam: Practical Tips to Certify your English


The world of English language certifications is very diverse, as demonstrated by the 11 different types of exams you can take to certify your English. But why, in the midst of so much choice, has the Ielts exam become the most requested? Why do the majority of university students and Indian employees choose Ielts Certification as a tool to give greater weight to their curriculum? In the next few lines we will try to explain the reasons and, consequently, provide the best useful advice to pass the exam easily and…

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Against anxiety and stress song for scientists works better

Piano Sheet

Have you ever noticed how your mood changes depending on the music you listen to and how certain songs, in particular, manage to relax? Well, according to scientists, there is a song that works better than Xanax for anxiety and stress, and it’s called “Weightless”. On the other hand, the therapeutic power of music is well known to those who practice music therapy, for example, and the trio Marconi Union is also aware of it, who recorded, in collaboration with sound therapists and psychologists, what is defined as the most…

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Best 2 Friendship Story in English

Friendship Story 1: Friendship And Money   True Story Friendship: There used to be two friends named Raman and Raghav in a village. Raman was from a rich family and Raghav was poor. Despite the difference in status, both were strong friends. Go to school together, play, eat and drink, talk. Most of their time would pass with each other. Time passed and both grew up. Raman took over his family business and Raghav found a small job. After the burden of responsibilities came to the head, it was not…

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SEO Trends 2021: The biggest Changes coming from Search engines


  SEO techniques will give way to an increasingly user-oriented Search Engine Optimization. Mobile first index and page experience among the main innovations introduced by Google for next year Doing SEO means optimizing the structure and contents of a website to improve its authority, visibility and positioning on search engines, that is Google, Bing, Amazon and many others. But doing SEO in 2021 will have an extra qualitative element. All the specialists of what is now recognized as a real discipline know that next will be the year in which…

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Forklifts: how to learn to drive them safely?

Forklifts: Forklifts are indispensable tools for warehouse work related to moving goods and pallets and placing them on the various shelves. Among the most common types you can find manual or electric pallet trucks with a limited lifting capacity, traditional forklifts such as forklifts and systems for the preparation of orders. Then there are both trolleys that provide manual operation such as pallet trucks, automatic ones including small tractors and traditional trolleys and finally we have a category of special forklifts such as telescopic trolleys and off-road vehicles. To make…

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