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Financial Brokerage Market Revenue

A broker is an individual or firm who provide an intermediary platform between investor and securities exchange. As the securities exchanges takes orders from individuals or from the firms that are members of exchange, individual traders. The online brokerage market services are largely compensated in different ways through commissions, fees or paying by exchange itself. Our online financial broker market provides the research, data, and trading tools helping clients determining the trades making. Brokers further accumulate data by using multiple sources, own research, commentary, and taking insight from experts. Moreover,…

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Things To Keep In Mind Before You Opt For A Car Loan

A car loan is one of the best options if you are thinking of buying your dream car. With online loan application and approval becoming extremely simple, it is possible for anyone to apply for this loan online on the lender’s website and then get the loan approved and get the funds to purchase his dream car. The application procedure for a car loan is effortless, and most lender websites have a form or a call back request that a potential borrower can fill in to opt for a car…

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Electronic Payments Market Report: Ken Research


Payment Market: – The ultimatum for cashless payments, over cash, is being motivated by greater convenience, encouraging government policies, and progressing consumer behavior. The governments are also trying to decrease their cost of printing the currencies and counter the forged currency influx that interrupts the economic growth, with digitization, thereby, constructing an environment advantageous for cashless and digital payments. However, the credit and debit card business of Turkey has observed strong growth due to the growing value of transactions, the capacity of transactions, and cards in transmission.  The debit card…

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What are the different types of term insurances? Read below to know.

Life is a fragile entity that we take for granted most of the time. Of course, this thought process has evolved and changed in the last few months; thanks to a global pandemic. People want to protect their most valuable possessions, which in this day and age is life. How do you do it? Well, the obvious choice is Life Insurance. Earlier, most people looked at insurance as a form of investment which would be available as a backup post-retirement and consequently, the protection aspect took a back seat. However,…

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What is Term Insurance?

One would imagine insurance as a very modern concept, something that was devised fairly recently with the evolution of currency and economic systems. Oddly, the concept of insurance has deep-rooted connections in India. There are mentions of it in the Maunsmriti, Kautilya and Yagnavalkya. Of course, there is no direct connection with the modern version of it but the base concept is the same as the one we have today. The writings and findings show that there was the direction given that during times of natural calamities such as flood, fire…

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What are the Benefits of Term Insurance policy?

You might have numerous financial goals, but life is unpredictable, and you don’t know what’s there in the next moment. Sudden death can risk these objectives as well as can leave your family in a stressful situation. In such troublesome occasions, however, no measure of cash can supplant the absence of a dear one; yet, a term insurance plan financially secured your family when you are not with them. Term life insurance is a sort of extra security plan that gives death benefit to the policyholders for a fixed-term period.…

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Noticeable Growth In The Trends Of Car Finance Market Outlook: Ken Research

Commercial Vehicle Finance Market

The Car finance is brought by financing enterprises or high-quality car producers.  It comprehends the countless financial products such as loans & leases, which licenses customers to conquer a car. Moreover, the car finance products & services are essentially scattered through the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), banks, credit unions, brokers, and abundant other financial institutions. Not only has this, the car or auto financing are services approvals borrowers to procurement vehicles without having to build the broad payment in cash. Dependent on the Commercial vehicle finance market, the effective growth…

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Future Growth Of Indonesia Loan and Insurance Industry: Ken Research

Indonesia Online Loan and Insurance Industry

Buy Now Socio-Economic Outlook Of Indonesia Indonesia is the 4th most populous country (270.6 Mn) in the world holds high potential for economic growth with >60% of its population lying in the working-age group. Easy & affordable internet accessibility has been driving the country’s preference for online platforms for shopping, bill payments, banking services, etc. Owing to limited financial infrastructure & less financial awareness, ~60 of the population remains unbanked; therefore are often looking for alternative financial solutions. This has led to the growth of the fintech industry in the country…

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