An Overview of Motorbike MOT Test and Where to Conduct It

What is the motorbike mot test?

Motorbike mot test is of utmost importance if you want to ride your bike legally and safely in UK and there is no doubt about it. You need to have a valid MOT test certificate as well that ensures that your bike has undergone a number of mechanical safety checks. In 1960 this MOT test process begun first that primarily involve brakes, lights, and steering mechanisms and gradually it has expanded according to the requirement. 

MOT stands for The Ministry of Transport test which is a complete inspection of a vehicle to make sure it is roadworthy. Although the Ministry of Transport no longer exists, it is authorized via the Department of Transport and the name MOT remains. 

The testing incorporates that the vehicle meets the minimum requirements for a vehicle in terms of environmental and road safety standards set out by law. Your motorbike has to pass the MOT test to be legally driven on the road and most importantly, it should be performed at an authorised test centre or authorized garages. 

The Wonderful Scooter mot test is simply an inspection, but your vehicle doesn’t require an MOT until it is three years old. After that, you will need to pass an MOT every year to ensure that your bike is safe and to keep your bike legally on the road.

However, there is also the possibility of a motorbike failing in this test if your motorbike or scooter constitutes a minefield of defects, faults, and problems.

What your motorbike mot certificate doesn’t specify?

Once you have done your Scooter mot certificate do not think that it is roadworthy from now until the end of time or your motorbike will remain roadworthy for the entirety of the certificate. There may some issues in a couple of areas, items, or aspects that require some care in the near future that will be informed by your MOT tester. 

Do not think that you can ride your motorbike without an MOT certificate. If you are caught by the police for showing a copy of your valid MOT and you are unable to show one can have serious consequences. You may be let off with a warning or you could come away with a hefty fine. In addition, if your scooter is seen as not roadworthy, it could get a lot worse. And fine may increase if you have some serious issue with your scooter. 

Motorbike MOT

And just think that you are going for important office work or you are in hurried for some emergency, you might have to cancel planned business activities and turn down future work. Hence it is important to consider an up-to-date Scooter mot certificate. 

What will motorbike mot test include- A highlight-

Brakes- The condition, operation and performance, and the control of your brakes will be verified

Tyres- It must be protected and in perfect state, also wheels. Tyres should have the legal tread depth and good valve condition.

Steering & Suspension – The disorder, operation, and performance of your steering and suspension will be verified carefully. This is one of the longest parts of the test.

Lighting- The headlamp, rear lights, indicators, and reflectors should be performed well. The headlamp should be in the right direction and color.

Signalling- Your indicators should give proper signaling 

Exhaust and emissions- Noise and security are checked.

Seats – You need a seat to pass an MOT.

Horn – Your horn should work properly and it needs to be the right type.

Mirrors- it will be checked whether it is in the right condition.

Footrests – It must be present and protected.

Clutch lever – IT should be in the right condition in any way or shortened as well as easily operated.

Throttle – It must work appropriately.

Licence plates/frame and vehicle ID number- All need to be readable and on your bike.

Drive chain and sprocket – Your chain’s tension and condition will be evaluated for security. Your sprockets will be tested for wear.

Fuel system – Any leaks and security is checked 

The MOT test will no include testing of the motorbike’s engine, clutch, or gearbox.

What is the result of the MOT test?

When we talk about the Scooter MOT test, it will be evaluated on a five-grade scale

PASS- It includes minimum standards of road safety.

ADVISORY- Your MOT tester will advise to monitor potential future issues when required

MINOR- There could be some issues, not major, but ought to be repaired as soon as possible

MAJOR- IN this section, an MOT tester will tell you there are some issues that could affect other drivers or the environment. If so, then it must be repaired straightaway.

DANGEROUS- Either it leads to direct risk to drivers or it damages the environment. It is not road-legal. 

How motorcycle MOT fails? 

There are many motorbikes that fail their MOT. The problems could be major or minor or avoidable and down to general condition. Usually, a motorbike’s MOT failure rate stands at around 20 percent. If your scooter is in that condition, then you will get a failure document that defines where and why your bike failed.

Mostly, the motorbike’s MOT failures are to do with lights, be it a blown bulb, a broken rear reflector, a poorly angled headlamp, or an indicator light flashing at the incorrect frequency. Sometimes damaged or unreadable inscription number plates could be the reasons. Apart from that your suspension and leaking oil as well as Steering issues, brakes, tyres, and horn are the reasons behind MOT failure. 

Hence, it is necessary you should ensure that all the conditions of your motorbike are perfectly all right before the MOT test. It will save you money in the long run.

The best place for cheapest motorcycle MOT test-

Undoubtedly MOT test is an important safety check that must not be ignored by the users. Different ways are there that would help you to cut the cost of the MOT test, for example, by keeping your motorbike in a good condition and regular maintenance. 

You can also do your motorbike’s MOT test in different places that can save your money. All you just need to choose the best place as per your needs and budget.

Franchised dealer- If you are going to the franchised dealer for an MOT test, it can be expensive for you. In addition, if you need any repairing to pass the MOT then you’ll be paying the high labour rates prerequisite to maintain their expensive overheads. 

Independent garage- There are different independent garages available that you can get in touch with. They may not have a license to conduct MoTs themselves, but they have the knowledge and operate widely with word of mouth. You can also sometimes visit them for a free re-test. They are cheap and trustworthy. However, there are also some dodgy garages so to be sure of redress. You must select one of them that is rated by the Government-approved Motor Codes.

‘Fast fit’ centres- It is a reasonable option, however, they will charge you to do the re-test if your scooter fails. You may have to pay higher if the test conducts on-site. Some of them also fail scooter it intentionally just to get more money. Any repairing process can be expensive. 

Moreover, you need to find a service centre for Mot test for motorbikes and scooters that are backed by years of combined experience. Their expert motorbike and scooter mechanics should ensure your vehicle remains safe and roadworthy. They should also include one free retest per bike if it fails its MOT at our facility.

You can also request them to carry out a pre-test inspection of your vehicle, in order to give you a good idea of its likelihood of passing its MOT. They will help you whether planning ahead or in need of an urgent MOT for your bike.


As per the aforementioned information, we have concluded that the MOT test is important. Why don’t you reduce your stress by doing it?

You could possibly catch minor faults that could result in a fail, but you have to maintain all the things on your scooter to not fail in the Mot test that has been mentioned above. 

Motorbike MOT


Do not bother if your current MOT certificate has expired. You are indeed lawfully allowed to ride it to the test centre for a new MOT provided you have a pre-arranged appointment. You can also visit a garage for repairs but avoid any multi-day.

There is the possibility that a lot can happen in a year as there is no guarantee. If you have done the MOT test successfully that doesn’t mean that you won’t have any issue further. Hence, it is essential to focus on regular maintenance and pre-ride checks to know about new or developing issues. 

Remember that your motorbike will remain safe, valuable as well as you will experience a good ride when your scooter’s mechanical condition is good. 


Who approves MOT testers?

You should know that all the accredited MOT test centres and their testers have passed a training course from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). It is responsible for setting, testing, and enforcing driver and vehicle standards across the UK. DVSA also has the right to discipline and prevent MOT test centres from performing the tests if they are below standard as well as it also deals with complaints.

What if I do not agree with the MOT result?

If you are not satisfied with your MOT test findings, you can call the help centre within 14 days of the fail.

What if I have lost my MOT certificate?

Do not worry! You can apply for a duplicate of your Mot certificate. All you just need to show your test number from your original MOT certificate or unique number on your vehicle registration document, as well as your Vehicle Registration Mark.

Motorbike MOT


What do I need to know about MOT Expiration?

Remember that your MOT certificate will valid for 12 months after your vehicle passes its MOT. And you should book your vehicle for its next MOT Test before one month at least to its renewal due date. Do not forget that if you will drive your scooter without MOT, it is illegal and will result in a fine unless you are driving to a pre-booked appointment at an MOT test garage. 

Is it possible to check my motorbike’s MOT history?

Yes. It is possible. You just need some information such as the 11-digit number from the vehicle’s logbook, the vehicle’s registration number. 

You can check- The motorbike passed or failed the MOT Test, The mileage of your motorbike, The location of each test, Why your scooter failed at each MOT Test, The date of the vehicle’s next MOT Test.

In a nutshell, the Best motorbike mot test is essential for you. All you just need to do it at the right time. By finding a reliable and leading MOT test centre, you can expect the best yet affordable service. For the best deal, you can visit

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